Contributing to a Safer Internet for Kids and Teens


In the age of smartphones and endless means of internet connection, it has become nearly impossible for parents to monitor or safeguard their children’s online activity. It is critical that operators of websites or services that are collecting personal information from an online source directed at children under the age of 13 to collect children’s personal data with parental consent. 

“There’s so much content trying to get our children’s attention. Some of it is really great, some of it isn’t. It’s increasingly difficult for parents to sort through all the content their children hope to consume…” says Shai Samet, the founder of kidSAFE 1. According to a 2018 Parental Controls Report 2, 70% of children (between the ages of 7 and 18) will encounter pornographic or overly violent content while simply regularly using the internet for research and homework. 

A report from the Thorn 3 found that 78% of children (ages 9-12) are using YouTube every day to learn new things, discover new topics, and feel connected to the world around them. While this is important for global understanding and development of interests and skills, it’s important that children have the safeguards around them to hone an experience that’s right for them. 

It is the responsibility of platforms, parents and governments to understand how children are using technology and develop solutions to protect them as they explore online spaces. For too long, tech companies have been able to set these problems aside by saying children are not allowed there. It’s time to take a look at the facts and recognize a need for change. 

Last week, Channel Factory was awarded the kidSAFE+ COPPA Seal 4, an independent safety certification service and seal-of-approval program designed exclusively for children-friendly websites and technologies. kidSAFE 1 reviewed Channel Factory’s targeting methodologies, technology, and data practices around children’s advertising and deemed them responsible, safe, and COPPA-compliant 5

Channel Factory connects with both kids and their parents on YouTube, running ads next to safe and suitable content, while giving brands reassurance that they are following all applicable guidelines and restrictions. The kidSAFE certification reinforces Channel Factory’s dedication to ensure brand safety and data privacy while driving top performance, especially when it comes to kids brands like LEGO & Spin Master.

“Safety online has become one of the most important considerations for brands and marketers when they are planning campaigns — especially when it comes to children’s brands,” said Tony Chen, CEO and founder of Channel Factory. “We pride ourselves on ensuring that brands are appearing in front of the right audience and alongside the right content. That is even more crucial when dealing with kids.”

“Ensuring the safety of children online is of the utmost importance to Spin Master, a leader in children’s entertainment. We believe in working with partners and technologies that are certified to ensure the safety of children through their advertising practices. Channel Factory’s kidSAFE certification 4 helps kids’ brands rest assured that an independent 3rd party has given their stamp of approval to the technology in use.” 

Channel Factory offers a number of benefits for brands that want to reach kids and their parents online. Brands have the freedom to choose content tailored to kids and completely customize video, channel, topic and keyword campaigns for kids. A partnership ensures that brands are in full compliance with regional and Google-level child privacy protection guides and are brand safe and suitable as measured by IAS and DV.

Our kidSAFE+ Seal is a promise to all stakeholders that our technology affects. This certification comes months after Channel Factory announced The Conscious Project, our fight to create a more suitable video ecosystem. Part of creating a better digital experience online is ensuring kids are safe.