View IQ

Contextual, Suitable, &
Inclusive YouTube Campaigns

At the core of our advertising solutions, View IQ is a data-platform that provides contextual, brand suitable, brand safe, and conscious YouTube advertising solutions, featuring 3.4 million channels and 870 million videos.

Through meticulously curated Conscious Inclusion Lists and our exclusive partnership with Comscore for YouTube, we leverage powerful data analysis and AI-power machine learning to identify and target the most relevant content for each ad campaign.

This ensures that brands can reach their desired customers effectively.

View IQ Pre-Bid Inventory In A Nutshell


Recognised Languages & Dialects


Channels Suitability Scored


VideosSuitability Scored


Languages Suitability-scored


Less Misaligned Impressions


Safety Categories


Iab Content Categories


Major Commercial Markets


Inventory Refreshed

Our Tech Verified

Verification procedures by PwC found that Channel Factory’s targeting
reduces media wastage by 23% and generates up to 12% cost savings.

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