Conscious Business Performance

DE&I, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility
In Advertising

Our mission is to transform the media landscape & workspace by constraining negativity and
amplifying positivity.

As a purpose-driven Minority Owned company we have special focus on accelerating inclusion, representation and responsible practices in Media. Our DNA inspired the development of our Conscious Advertising Program built upon the three pillars of DE&I, Sustainability and Civic Society. This program provides a suite of media-buying and content-creation solutions.

Being Conscious Is Being Aware Of Both Ourselves And What Exists Around Us

You are more likely to notice or realize that something is happening

You are more likely to consider, or appraise; to be concerned and interested

It matters because if we are not conscious, or choose not to act, we are part of the problem

It matters because if we do nothing, we condone this ‘Era of Exclusion’

From Exclusion To Inclusion

The digital advertising ecosystem has been through it all: from an initial phase of chaos, with rampant fraud, viewability and brand safety challenges; to extreme caution and overblocking. Today, Channel Factory is leading the charge to a more conscious Era of Inclusion.  If you and your brands care about responsibility and representation as well as campaign performance – we look forward to sharing how together
we can make a difference.

Our Conscious Advertising Solutions

Addressing Overblocking & Lack of Inclusion

  • Categorize Creators and their Content by their “Topics of Interests”
  • Rank by Reach, Affinity & Cost
  • Unblock the Blocked
  • Include the Excluded
  • Support Responsible Journalism & News

Intentionally Lean-in And Support Aligned Content

Concious Voices
Inclusion Lists
Reach-Based Plans With Conscious Upweights
Conscious Creators Branded Content
Conscious Scholarships
NMSDC Diversity media Credits

Across Three Pillars


Gender & Social
Race & Ethnicity
Disability Mental Health Age


Climate Change Carbon Neutrality Food Security & Water Supply Green Energy Environment Rising Sea Levels

Civic Society




Human Rights

Women’s Rights

Free Press

Together let’s unblock the blocked and responsibly include the excluded.

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