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Channel Factory excels in delivering innovative brand suitability solutions.
We find the right content, context, and audience for brand advertisements.

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Brand Suitability

CF vs Industry – Brand Suitability With A Twist & ViewIQ

Channel Factory goes beyond GARM categories and offers our advertisers the opportunity to be placed adjacent to a very suitable content which will give better return for their investment.

Brand Safety Combined With
Brand Suitability

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Our Suitability
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Verification procedures by PwC found that Channel Factory’s targeting reduces media wastage by 23% and generates up to 12% cost savings.

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Brand Suitability
Success Stories


Daisy came to Channel Factory as they were looking to work with a partner who could guarantee safety, suitability and contextually alignment.
They wanted to promote one of their product among Hispanic females audiences and ensure that they were only running on Spanish language content on YouTube.


Group M

Brand safety and brand suitability are front and center as a priority for our clients to safeguard their brands’ reputations. Brand Safety is non-negotiable and brand suitability should be used to refine not override baseline control…serious damage…can be caused by brand unsuitable placements.

Bethann Crockett

Digital Risk Director

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