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Google Ads Updates

Drive better results: An insider’s look at the latest Google Ads innovations

By Kishore Kanakamedala | 10.25.18 | GOOGLE ADS BLOG

YouTube Advertising

YouTube TV Is Taking Over the World Series Again With AR Ads and That Infamous Red Play Button

By Jason Lynch | 10.23.18 | ADWEEK

Brand Safety

Consumers Think Unsafe Ad Placements Are Intentional, Study Finds

By Kelsey Sutton | 10.24.18 | ADWEEK

YouTube Creators

YouTube is investing $20M in educational content, creators

By Julia Alexander | 10.22.18 | THE VERGE

Influencer Marketing

Why Influencer Marketing is the Game Changer for Business

By Amber Dermoudy | 10.22.18 | ENTREPRENEUR

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YouTube Trends: Gaming

Video game content has always been popular on YouTube. From “Let’s Play” gameplay series to E3 presentations to live streaming, there are plenty of ways gaming content is presented.

The looming surge of competitive gaming in esports will only help legitimize the gaming world through valuable exposure, creating an even greater demand for gaming content. Let’s take a look at how gaming content on YouTube will trend heading into the coming years.

Rise of Gaming on YouTube

Gaming is already a profitable industry, and it will only continue to grow. According to BestTheNews, the video games market is expected to be worth over $90 billion USD by 2020, up from $78.61 billion in 2017.

The large following that supports the video game industry is heading to YouTube to continue their love of gaming beyond turning on their console. YouTube has the most share of gaming video content viewers, taking up 44% of gaming video content viewers in 2017. There were over 20 million how-to gaming videos in 2017, and more than 40 million hours of gaming unboxing videos watched in 2016.

The stats continue to support YouTube as the go-to community for gamers:

  • 2 of the top 5 most subscribed YouTube channels are gaming related
  • 56% of gamers say YouTube is where they connect with their gaming community
  • 74% of YouTube gamers watch YouTube videos to get better at games
  • YouTube had an estimated 653 million viewers of content related to gaming videos.

YouTube has already established itself as a premier platform for gaming content, and the industry is just starting to gain traction in the mainstream.

Future of esports

The most exciting aspect of gaming’s upwards trend is the budding potential of esports. Professional gaming is just starting to gain global exposure with influential investors, television deals, and team sponsorships. Activision Blizzard signed a multi-year deal with Walt Disney in July to broadcast Overwatch League tournaments across their multiple networks, including ESPN, Disney XD, and ABC.

The heavy investment in esports will drive the industry’s revenue in the coming years:

  • esports market revenue is estimated to reach $1.65 billion USD in 2021.
  • In 2018, the number of esports enthusiasts is expected to reach 165 million.

So what does all this mean for YouTube advertising? First, YouTube is already a go-to platform for esports content and professional gamer personalities. Don’t be surprised if YouTube starts inking deals to live stream tournaments. In fact, YouTube signed a deal with Faceit last year to stream their tournaments.

Gaming content is watched by a wide audience that spans all genders and age. The rise of esports will only be beneficial for reaching your audience on YouTube.

YouTube Advertising

As the broadcast exposure increases with gaming and esports, so will the demand for advertising. Advertising currently accounts for the second-biggest revenue stream for esports at $174 million.

With how-to videos, gameplay for new games, professional gaming tournaments, YouTube gaming personalities and more, the market for YouTube gaming content has never been better.

Not only is YouTube full of great content to reach your audience, but viewers openly welcome advertising. A survey published by GMR found that 43% of esports viewers appreciate when brands reach out to the gaming world. Another 42% from the same survey appreciate brand marketing through gaming channels.

Gaming content on YouTube is more than entertainment. YouTube has always been a community for gamers to share their passion with others. When gaming influencers start getting advertising opportunities, their viewers are appreciative that a member of their community is finding success.

Anything Else?

Yes! You don’t have to be a video game brand to target your YouTube advertising to gaming channels. Many companies trying to reach a younger audience use gaming channels in their targeting strategy.

In fact, one of Channel Factory’s custom inclusion lists targeting gaming channels garnered a high view rate performance. For more info on how you can successfully targeting gaming channels on YouTube, contact us today!

Tell Me More: Display Ads

Our Tell Me More series is designed to break down ad formats and products into bitesize chunks. There’s a growing universe of strategies and tactics and it’s our goal to make that universe a little more comprehensible.

We’re going to take a look at one of YouTube’s most popular advertising format, Display Ads


A display ad is a 300×250 or 300×60 image or animated advertisement that appears to the right of the video player. The ad will be placed right above YouTube’s recommended video sidebar feature, making it right in the viewer’s line of sight as they watch the video or when they are looking for the next video to watch.

Display ads are in prime YouTube real estate, as your ad will be seen without intruding upon the user’s viewing experience. You can also pair a display ad with your video ad to drive your brand’s message home and increase conversions.


Display ads are useful for any brand looking to extend their reach on YouTube, but they’re best for brands that are looking to achieve the following:

  • Increase Website Visits: Display ads are visible to all YouTube viewers. Take advantage of this space by linking to a landing page. Make sure you write a strong, personalized call-to-action that will entice viewers to check out your brand.
  • Boost Awareness: Since your ad appears right next to the video player, it will be seen by all. Even if you don’t have a landing page to link to, your ad will still garner high impressions due to its placement on the page. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness and recall, then display ads are perfect for your brand.
  • Target Desktop Users: Display ads only display on desktops, so you’re out of luck if you’re trying to target mobile users. However, many users still watch YouTube on desktop devices, especially if they are engaging with long-form content.


Display ads have some precise benefits for advertisers:

  • Drive Conversions: A catchy call-to-action and eye-popping design is enough to attract the attention of YouTube desktop users as they engage with the platform. Display ads are great for getting clicks to your website and drive conversions.
  • High Impressions: Display ads are placed right where viewers are looking, so impressions will be high. A strong targeting strategy will ensure your display ad is running on relative content watched by your audience, turning impressions into actionable results.
  • Pair With Other Ad Types: Use display ads to complement your video ads. Your display ad will remain on the page after your video ad plays, reinforcing your message and brand to viewers. You can even use the video ad as an introduction, and then pair it with a display ad to generate clicks to your website to learn more. There’s plenty of room for creativity with display ads!


Launching a display ad campaign is simple! First, create an ad with the following requirements:

  • 300×250 in size (or 300×60 for YouTube Reserve companions)
  • PNG, JPG, GIF, or HTML5 format
  • If you create an animated ad, it must be no longer than 30 seconds long

And that’s it! Now that you have your display ad ready to go, you’re only a few clicks away from launching your campaign.


Yes! Display ads are powerful for driving clicks and getting eyes on your brand. However, you don’t want to waste impressions by running on content that is unrelated to your company.

Here at Channel Factory, we have over 8 years of YouTube advertising experience, with expertise in content targeting, brand suitability and high performance on brand KPIs. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today!

Martech Monday | October 15, 2018

Channel Factory is committed to bringing you the most relevant industry updates across the Martech universe.  Find out what you’ve been missing over the past week!

YouTube Advertising

4 takeaways on video from Advertising Week

By Natalie Kulton and Chris Kelly | 10.10.18 | MARKETING DRIVE

Netflix and YouTube Make Up Over a Quarter of Global Internet Traffic

By Rob Marvin | 10.15.18 | PC MAG

YouTube Creators

YouTube is cracking down on creators who post duplicated content

By Bijan Stephen | 10.12.18 | THE VERGE

Influencer Marketing

Google’s Adam Stewart On Finding The Right YouTube Influencer For Your Brand

By Rae Paoletta | 10.15.18 | AD EXCHANGER

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Tell Me More: Brand Suitability Flagging Techniques

Our Tell Me More series is designed to break down ad formats and products into bitesize chunks. There’s a growing universe of strategies and tactics and it’s our goal to make that universe a little more comprehensible.

Today we’ll be exploring three different techniques for brand suitability flagging: viral content flagging, sentiment filtering and audio transcripts.


Brand suitability became a legitimate concern for advertisers about a year and a half ago when brands were seeing their ads run on terrorist, pornographic and generally unsafe content. Brand suitability is especially a concern for advertisers on social media.

  • A recent study showed that 94% of advertisers are still concerned about brand safety, and almost half of respondents think platforms like YouTube and Facebook aren’t doing enough.

Brand suitability on YouTube is a shaky tightrope to walk because all content is user generated. While many brands use popular inclusion and exclusion list features to completely outlaw any obviously risky content and approve of safe ones, the fact that anyone can publish any video at any time with little to no restrictions means that even the safest of content creators could cause a brand suitability scare every once in a while.

For this post, we’ll go a little bit outside the box to explore a few brand suitability flagging techniques you may not have thought of. These features are:

  • Viral Content Flagging: Identify and monitor viral videos that may cause brand suitability issues as they begin to trend on YouTube’s platform.
  • Sentiment Filtering: Ratio of likes-to-dislikes and overall sentiment of comments to analyze how videos are received by viewers.
  • Audio Transcripts: Audio transcripts of videos to flag keywords and phrases based on your brand’s specific brand suitability parameters.


Viral content flagging, sentiment filtering and audio transcripts are for all brands that want to bolster their brand suitability strategy. If you are finding that your current strategy isn’t giving you the brand suitability security that you’re looking for, then look to these flagging techniques for further control of your YouTube advertising.

These flagging techniques are for brands that want to:

  • Be aware of trending content that may pose a brand suitability threat before it goes viral and your ad runs on it.
  • See how specific video content is received by viewers and protect their ads from running on negative content.
  • Analyze exact keywords and phrases used in videos to avoid potentially harmful content.


Each of these flagging techniques has unique benefits that will give your YouTube campaign a brand suitability boost.

  • Viral Content Flagging
    • Proactively exclude high-risk content like Logan Paul’s Suicide Forest video immediately so your brand’s ad isn’t associated with a harmful viral video.
    • Protect your brand from running on risky content that ends up on the news for being offensive.
    • Aside from brand suitability purposes, viral content flagging also recognizes viral content that matches your audience targeting parameters and aligns your ad with positive trending videos.
  • Sentiment Filtering
    • Get to know the videos you are targeting. Sentiment filtering gives you a comprehensive data of how viewers are reacting to a specific video.
  • Audio Transcripts
    • Don’t have time to watch every video? View transcripts of content audio to see exact words and phrases being used.
    • General excluded words and phrases will be highlighted.
    • View a full report of how many times certain keywords are used.


Viral Content Flagging works by using machine learning to analyze audience data points to flag trending videos before they go viral.

Sentiment Filtering works by taking a look at recent amount of likes, dislikes, and comments to find out how viewers are reacting to videos.

Audio Transcripts work by using AI and machine learning technology to transcribe videos and analyze the text to flag exclusion listed keywords.


Yes! All three flagging techniques are available on Channel Factory’s ViewIQ platform as part of our brand suitability solutions. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today.

Martech Monday | October 9, 2018

Channel Factory is committed to bringing you the most relevant industry updates across the Martech universe.  Find out what you’ve been missing over the past week!

Google Ads & YouTube Updates

From discovery to click, new YouTube ads capabilities for more effective storytelling

By Vishal Sharma | 10.1.18 | GOOGLE ADS BLOG

More Than Just Viewers: Learn how to drive effectiveness on YouTube


YouTube Creators

Reaching Gen Z With Influencer Marketing: Four Trends For Success

By Nicholas Miachon | 10.9.18 | FORBES

YouTube Advertising Statistics

Video Swells to 25% of US Digital Ad Spend

By eMarketer Editors | 10.9.18 | EMARKETER

What Financial Marketers Need To Know About Digital Video Advertising Now

By Steve Cocheo | 10.4.18 | THE FINANCIAL BRAND

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Tell Me More: Overlay Ads

Our Tell Me More series is designed to break down ad formats and products into bitesize chunks. There’s a growing universe of strategies and tactics and it’s our goal to make that universe a little more comprehensible.

We’re going to take a look a popular YouTube ad type, Overlay Ads.


An overlay ad is a 480×70 image that appears on the bottom 20% of a video. It’s less intrusive than other ad formats since it doesn’t interfere with the user’s ability to watch their video. This ad space can be occupied by an image or text display to make sure your brand grabs your audience’s attention while they’re engaged with their favorite YouTube content.

Overlay ads can also be paired with a 300×250 companion banner, which appears next to YouTube’s video player. A companion banner increases the likelihood that the audience will see your image and click on the ad.


Although anyone can effectively use an overlay ad, it garners the best results for brands that:

  • Have a landing page to send viewers to.
    • Overlay ads can be attributed with a link and are designed to drive clicks. If your brand just launched a new landing page or you just want to drive more traffic to your website, make sure you attach your link to the overlay ad.
  • Want to increase brand awareness and recall.
    • Overlay ads pop up in the middle of videos, immediately grabbing the attention of viewers. Make sure your ad design is branded and recognizable so your audience recognizes your company to raise awareness and recall.


The benefits of using overlay ads for your next YouTube campaign are as follows:

  • Increase Click-Through-Rate: Overlay ads are perfect for sending viewers to your landing page and boosting CTR. Make sure your overlay ad is equipped with a strong call-to-action to entice your audience to click on the image.
  • Companion Banner: Overlay ads can be paired with a companion banner, which appears to the right of the video. The overlay ad and companion banner combine to take up the perimeter of the video, turning your brand into a complimentary part of the content-viewing experience.


Overlay ads work very smoothly. The process starts with a viewer watching a YouTube video. At a certain point of the video, your overlay ad will pop up on the bottom 20% of the video. From there, the viewer has three options:

  1. Click on your ad.
  2. Close your ad.
  3. Let the ad stay where it is for the remainder of the video.

That’s it! If your goal is to get viewers to click on the ad and visit your landing page, then keep the following in mind:

  • The ad’s message fits the message of your landing page to limit any confusion when the viewer visits your page.
  • The call-to-action copy is strong, enticing the viewer to learn more. It isn’t easy to convince someone to stop watching their video and move on to another website, so it’s important that your copy speaks to your audience.
  • Utilize arrows and white space in your overlay ad image to draw the viewer’s eyes to the space you’d like them to click.


Yes! Overlay ads perform well if they are strategically placed and avoid being intrusive. Channel Factory has been running YouTube ad campaigns for top brands for 8+ years, making us experts in the industry.

Click here to contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our services.

Martech Monday | October 1, 2018

Channel Factory is committed to bringing you the most relevant industry updates across the Martech universe.  Find out what you’ve been missing over the past week!

Google Ads & YouTube Updates

New MRC accreditations and partners for Google and YouTube ads measurement
By Babak Pahlavan | 9.26.18 | GOOGLE ADS BLOG

New YouTube ads will push viewers to download apps, book trips, find movie showtimes
By Sarah Perez | 10.1.18 | TECHCRUNCH

Brand Safety

YouTube channel owner ‘arrested over child sex abuse’
By BBC Staff | 9.25.18 | BBC

  • Channel Factory has blacklisted all channels and keywords involved in this story.

Brand-safety concerns are making influencer marketing more expensive
By Ilyse Liffreing | 9.26.18 | DIGIDAY

YouTube Creators

How to Ensure You’re Getting the Most Out of Your Influencer Marketing Strategy
By Heather Wilde | 9.28.18 | INC.

YouTube Advertising Statistics

Welcome to the New Living Room: 57% of Video Ads Now Play on TVs
By Troy Dreier | 9.23.18 | ONLINE VIDEO

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