Channel Factory signals 2024 growth goals by appointing Kartik Mehta as Head of Asia – Growth Markets

Kartik will be playing a key role in driving growth for Channel Factory in 2024, with a keen focus on India and South East Asia

London, UK, March, 2024 – Channel Factory, the global brand suitability and contextual advertising platform, has appointed Kartik Mehta as Head of Asia – Growth Markets. Kartik’s announcement follows that of former OMD managing partner Linus Hjoberg, who joined Channel Factory as New Zealand Managing Director in September 2023. Bringing with him over a decade of experience in tech sales, Kartik will be solidifying Channel Factory’s position in emerging markets, whilst aiding Channel Factory’s sustained global growth through enhancing and localizing its global strategy.

Since 2013, Kartik has gained invaluable experience across technology sales with his most notable achievements centering around market expansion. This includes launching and building out emerging markets in Asia/South East Asia, Middle East and Africa, for the likes of Vserv, YouAppi as well as the expansion of Silverpush into North America and the UK.

Within his most recent role as Chief Revenue Officer/Chief Operating Officer at Silverpush, Kartik played a pivotal role in establishing and growing the global business from its inception in 2017. Under his leadership, the company expanded its footprint to 15+ geographies, achieved double-digit million dollar earnings, introduced new revenue streams through programmatic partnerships with the likes of IrisTV, Pubmatic and garnered multiple industry awards.

Prior to this extensive experience in technology sales, Kartik spent over a decade in global advertising agencies such as JWT, Ogilvy and Cheil. He is also a sought after speaker, having appeared at the likes of iMedia and MMA, so this role is the perfect culmination of over 20 years’ of strategic experience relevant to Channel Factory.

Robin Zieme, Chief Growth Officer, who commented: “Advertising is one of only a handful of industries that is seeing continued and sustained growth in emerging markets, despite macroeconomic pressures. As such, it’s important that you seize the opportunities with many companies vying for dominance. Having Kartik join our Global Management Team, with his impressive experience in expanding businesses into emerging markets, will enable Channel Factory to identify and grab as many opportunities as possible across India and South East Asia. I look forward to having Kartik elevate our global strategy in order to drive the greatest growth possible.”

Kartik Mehta added: “Channel Factory has undergone some really impressive growth over the past few years, but there are still so many opportunities ahead to expand upon this. It’s the opportunity to implement new strategies across emerging markets in order to drive growth that pushed me to join Channel Factory. I’m looking forward to taking this exciting challenge head on, and seeing, in real-time, the impact our team can deliver in these markets.”

About Channel Factory

Channel Factory is a global technology and data platform that maximizes both performance efficiency and contextual suitability and alignment, turning YouTube’s 5 billion videos and 500 hours per minute of new content into brand-suitable, efficient advertising opportunities. Channel Factory’s mission is to create a suitable video ecosystem that connects creators, brands, and consumers – by enabling advertisers access to the most relevant videos, channels, and creators.

Through their proprietary platform that harnesses the power of the deepest YouTube dataset in the industry, Channel Factory has enabled advanced brand suitability, customized content alignment targeting, and maximum performance for the world’s biggest brands. Channel Factory’s algorithm ensures not only that advertisers run against content that aligns with their brand but also delivers outcomes by optimizing campaigns using active and historical campaign performance data.

Channel Factory has offices across the USA and is present in over 30 countries worldwide including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Australia, and Singapore.