Tell Me More: YouTube Inclusion Listing

Our Tell Me More series is designed to break down ad formats and products into bitesize chunks. There’s a growing universe of strategies and tactics and it’s our goal to make that universe a little more comprehensible.

For this post, we’ll be taking a look at the industry standard for precision targeting and brand suitability – YouTube Inclusion Listing.


Inclusion Listing is a targeting and brand suitability feature that has surged in popularity in the last few years. An inclusion list is essentially a list of YouTube channels that you approve of your brand running ads on. The beauty of inclusion lists is that they are fully customized to your brand’s specific:

  • Audience, tone and messaging
  • Precise targeting strategy
  • Brand suitability parameters

Custom inclusion listing gives you the added benefit of having complete control over specific channels and videos you want your ad to appear in front of. Instead of relying on a generic inclusion list curated to inefficiently cover all niches in your industry, you can take hold of the wheel and drive your video ads towards content that you know resonates with your audience.


Simply put, inclusion lists are for any brand that wants to:

  • Increase brand suitability and target specific content: Inclusion Lists are great for brand suitability because your ad will only run on content and channels pre-approved by your brand. You have full control over where your ad is placed on the largest video platform in the world.

Creating a YouTube inclusion list is a great first step to combat risky content that could hurt your brand’s reputation. Since ads can run anywhere on YouTube’s user-generated content platform, an inclusion list will help your company take control of its brand image.


Inclusion lists offer many benefits for your YouTube campaign’s success:

  • Brand Suitability: Your YouTube ad will run on inventory that has been vetted for brand suitability, ensuring brand-appropriate content and channels.
  • Precision Targeting: Your audience is on YouTube and they’re watching very specific content. Custom inclusion lists cater to your brand and only your brand, targeting the precise audience that you want to target.
  • Boost Campaign Performance: Inclusion lists can be used to boost performance by targeting your specific audience on YouTube. Run your ad in front of content that your audience is watching to increase engagement and campaign KPIs.
  • Counteract Exclusion List Risks: YouTube’s UGC nature makes it difficult to efficiently exclude risky content since new channels and videos are created every day. If you’re looking to exclude your way to brand suitability, then you’ll always be playing catch up. With inclusion listing, you can easily approve your safe channels and sleep well at night knowing exactly where your ads are running.


How does inclusion listing work? Easy! Create your custom inclusion list and your ads will only run on the videos and channels you’ve selected. Setup your list in three simple steps:

  • Research: The first step is to research the YouTube channels and videos you want to target.
  • Create a Targeting List: After you’ve done your research, create a list of channel and videos URLs that you’d like to include.
  • Managed Placements: Create managed placements in Google Ads with the specific inclusion listed channels and videos of your choosing.


Yes! Inclusion lists must be properly built to have maximum impact towards performance and brand suitability. Here are just two features that help build a custom inclusion list:

  • Verified creator data: Review a full analysis of verified creators including audio transcripts and brand suitabilty scores to create a inclusion list of brand-friendly creator channels. Our verified creator list reduces YouTube targeting scalability issue by inclusion listing vetted creators.
  • Topic-level performance: Analyze videos and channels with custom curated inclusion lists of industry topics.

Luckily, Channel Factory’s proprietary (and award-winning!) ViewIQ technology gives you access to both features to build a dynamic inclusion list. Contact us today to learn more about our inclusion listing expertise.

Channel Factory Announced as a Finalist for Cynopsis Model D Award

Finalist in the Best Digital Video Ad Platform Category for their ViewIQ Software

Los Angeles, CA – September 25, 2018 / Channel Factory – the leading provider of managed service and SaaS YouTube ad solutions – has been named as a finalist in the 2018 Cynopsis D Awards for its feature-rich ViewIQ software. The nomination alone (in the same category it won last year) validates the tool’s innovation, growth and adaptation in an ever-changing advertising ecosystem.

The prestigious Cynopsis Digital awards have been honoring the best in online video content, advertising, talent and digital media’s pioneers for 6 years running. The award for Best Digital Video Ad Platform in particular shines a light on excellence and innovation in the video AdTech ecosystem.

ViewIQ’s first time on the Cynopsis podium was a recognition of analytics and measurement features designed to help brands and creators navigate the YouTube landscape. The platform has since evolved into an end-to-end solution for advertisers and creators, facilitating an audience/creator/advertiser exchange which delivers better targeting for the advertiser, as well as channel growth and monetization upside to the creator.

Cynopsis D winners will be announced on November 9, 2018 at ThreeSixty in TriBeca, New York.

Read more about the award at

About Channel Factory: Founded in 2010, Channel Factory is the leading software and managed media services company in the YouTube ecosystem. With offices across the U.S., Europe and Asia, and over 50 employees, Channel Factory’s has a broad client-base and global capabilities.

Martech Monday | September 24, 2018

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Brand Safety

New Pressure on Google and YouTube Over Children’s Data

By Sapna Maheshwari | 9.20.18 | THE NEW YORK TIMES

Advertisers and regulators are still frustrated with Facebook’s brand safety

By Audrey Schomer | 9.24.18 | BUSINESS INSIDER

YouTube Creators

YouTube Is Failing Its Creators

By Patricia Hernandez | 9.21.18 | THE VERGE

YouTube Business

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Tell Me More: Bumper Ads

Our Tell Me More series is designed to break down ad formats and products into bitesize chunks. There’s a growing universe of strategies and tactics and it’s our goal to make that universe a little more comprehensible.

Last time, we tackled Non-Skippable-Ads.  Now up to bat: Bumper Ads.


Bumper ads have recently surged in popularity due to their success rate and overall efficiency. Bumper ads have three main differentiators that separate them from the rest of the pack:

  • They are 6-seconds long (or shorter)
    • Short-form ads are less intrusive and get your brand image across with quick, impactful messaging. The best of both worlds!
  • They are non-skippable
    • Viewers can’t skip your ad, driving high impressions and view rates. Your entire message is seen by all!
  • They’re charged on a CPM, not a CPV, basis
    • CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) means you only pay every 1000 times your ad is seen, resulting in lower costs.


Everyone! Smart advertisers interested in lifting brand recall, driving high view rates and brand awareness.

  • According to Google, 90% of bumper ad campaigns that were analyzed last year saw an increase in global ad recall by an average of 38%.
  • 61% of bumper campaigns drove a significant lift in brand awareness, with an average uplift of 9%.

Although bumper ads perform well on all devices, brands looking to capitalize reach for mobile viewers should strongly consider running a bumper ad campaign. Bumper ads perform well for mobile viewers, as they are often watching videos on the go.

  • YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds on mobile alone than any broadcast or cable TV network.


Running a bumper ad campaign benefits your brand in multiple ways. Not only do you boost brand awareness and ad recall, but you also lower cost and increase overall reach.

  • Since the bumper ad bidding strategy is CPM, you only pay for every 1,000 impressions. Your cost with CPM bidding is lower than a more traditional CPV or CPC strategy.
  • The shorter format makes bumpers an effective medium for greater reach and a more general, brand awareness message. The general message allows for a broader reach, which lets you run in front of many different consumer demographics within your audience.
  • Bumper ads can be used for remarketing, driving an abridged version of your brand’s core message to YouTube users that have already seen your full-length ad.

Bumper ads alone drive high ad recall, but are significantly less effective than :30 ads for driving specific product consideration or consumer action. Pairing a :06 bumper with a :30 ad through remarketing, however, achieves brand perception success. Bumpers have many benefits by themselves, but consider using them with other long-form creatives to accomplish your campaign goals.


Running a bumper ad is simple. First, create a 6-second (or less) video ad that quickly gets your brand message across and (if possible) tells a story. Your ad will engage audiences with quick, actionable messaging.

To achieve brand perception success, remarket your bumper with a full 30-second creative. Remarketing is a two-step process from the viewer’s perspective:

  1. They see your 30-second ad that tells a detailed story to emphasize your brand message.
  2. After seeing your 30-second ad, viewers will then be shown your 6-second bumper on following videos to increase brand awareness without the viewer feeling like their time is being wasted.

The decision on whether you should run a bumper ad by itself or pair it with a longer ad is dependent on your campaign goals. Either way, bumper ads are the most effective YouTube advertising strategy today.


Yes! Bumper ads drive meaningful impact when they’re equipped with advanced targeting tactics. Here at Channel Factory, we use our award-winning ViewIQ technology to contextually target your audience with custom segments, as well as create both channel and video-level inclusion listing.

Contact us today and drive meaningful results with your bumper ad.


Employee Spotlight: Sara Luckow

As experts in the YouTube advertising space, it’s easy to talk about what we do, but we want to share more about who we are.  So, we ask you to pay extra attention to the people behind our many curtains.  First up, our Director of Strategy, Sara Luckow!

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Sara Luckow


Director, Strategy


Los Angeles


How did you come to work at Channel Factory, or in advertising at all for that matter?

I majored in Strategic Communication at University of Missouri and had internships in St. Louis, Chicago and Los Angeles. Post-college I got my first job managing search campaigns at a sales org in St. Louis which had a lot of small B2B clients. However, I kept checking the University of Missouri job board, and saw a post about an assistant media planner job back in LA. I talked with the poster, and since I had already spent a semester in LA she knew I’d be a great fit to move back out to the West Coast. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and I’ve been working in the digital media industry here in LA for the last 8 years. I love paying it forward and helping recent college grads get into the industry and excited about its growth potential as a career.


What’s your favorite part about working at Channel Factory?

Getting to see my team grow in their knowledge and being able to work on amazing brands across the globe. Since I spent 6 years on entertainment campaigns on the agency side, it’s a wonderful learning experience to see how other verticals tackle their brand and media challenges in the video space. I also love seeing past interns and assistants I’ve hired and mentored work in leadership positions at great companies.


What’s a common misconception about the video advertising space?

That video isn’t the best avenue for all verticals (e.g. B2B) – we have seen AMAZING results for B2B campaigns and every vertical under the sun. Audiences are still watching YouTube videos at work to look up how to solve immediate business-related problems from thought leaders.


What recent YouTube development are you most excited about right now?

TrueView for Reach! When it comes out of beta, I’ll be so excited to consistently be able to pitch TrueView on a CPM basis!


Are you seeing any interesting trends in the space?

More and more people are cutting the cord each day and advertisers are moving dollars to digital video. We’ll be able to get amazing insights and niche targeting and attribution incredibly soon in the future. Also, Channel Factory has been developing targeting strategies to reach linear tv audiences when they’re watching related network/show content on YouTube.


What’s the next big thing?

Hopefully having OTT / Smart TV Targeting be standardized!


What’s your ideal superpower and how would you use it?

Flying 100% – I’d use it to skip LA traffic. And I’d be able to take many more vacations since I could physically fly vs. take a plane.


Tell Me More: Non-Skippable Ads

Our Tell Me More series is designed to break down ad formats and products into bitesize chunks. There’s a growing universe of strategies and tactics and it’s our goal to make that universe a little more comprehensible.

We’re going to take a look at one of YouTube’s most popular advertising format, Non-Skippable Ads.


A non-skippable ad is a video ad format that appears before, during, or after a YouTube video. The distinguishable trait of non-skippable ads (which you may have already guessed) is that viewers can’t skip it and have to watch your entire ad before their selected video plays.

Non-skippable video ads can run on the following creative lengths:

  • :06s bumper ads
  • As of January 2018, non-skippable ads can be up to 15-20 seconds long (depending on the viewer’s location)

For the rest of this article we’ll be referring to the 15-20 second long non-skippable ads.


Non-skippable ads are for every brand looking to advertise on YouTube! More specifically, non-skippable ads are for brands with the following campaign goals:

  • Drive high impressions and view rates
  • Target desktop and mobile users
  • Boost ad recall with a high view completion rate
  • Buy on a CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions) basis

Since non-skippable ads are bought on a CPM basis, these ads are only available via reservation buying. This means that you have to buy on a fixed rate based on number of impressions instead of bidding via the auction.

Buying reserved media has a few benefits, including:

  • More control over your spend due to buying at a fixed rate
  • Reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness with the ability to spread your brand message across a larger scale of viewers

If you are a brand that wants more control over your spend with CPM bidding, reach a wider audience, and get your full brand message in front of audiences, then non-skippable YouTube ads are perfect.


Non-skippable YouTube ads can benefit your brand by:

  • Increasing ad recall and brand presence
  • Boosting campaign performance for view rate KPIs
  • Getting your full brand message in front of your audience
  • Utilizing longer creative length to tell your brand story

Non-skippable ads are great for brand exposure. However, you have to be careful with how your ad is presented. Most viewers have little patience for ads they can’t skip, which is why they install ad blocker software.

To make sure your non-skippable ad has a positive impact, you should:

  • Contextually target your non-skippable ad to viewers that find your video relevant and beneficial.
  • Remarket your longer non-skippable ad with a 6-second bumper so your viewers aren’t repeatedly seeing the same long ad.


So, how do non-skippable ads actually work? It’s simple as clicking on a YouTube video. No, really. It’s that easy.

When a viewer clicks on a video they want to watch, your ad will play either before, during, or after the video plays. Since your ad is non-skippable, the viewer will watch your entire 15-20 second video.

That’s it! With non-skippable ads you can rest easy at night knowing that you will wake up to high impressions, view rates, and the relief of knowing that your entire brand message is viewed by YouTube users.


Yes! As mentioned before, non-skippable ads can be irritating to viewers who just want to watch their video. The best way to create a positive feeling towards your ad is to contextually target your video to an audience that finds your ad relevant.

Here at Channel Factory, we use our award-winning ad tech platform to contextually target video ads to your exact audience. Contact us today to learn more!