Holiday Advertising: 6 Tactics That Can Boost Sales

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means marketers are busy strategizing for their holiday advertising campaigns.

Holiday ads can help boost sales and brand recognition because of their nostalgic, cheerful content. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most memorable holiday video ads, along with tips to increase sales through the holidays and beyond.

Why Video Ads Are So Successful During the Holidays

People love holiday advertisements because they inspire a holly, jolly spirit. Video content, especially involving holiday themes, connects with viewers.

In addition to their nostalgia, holiday video ads are effective at driving consumer reach and increasing sales. Why? Viewers are emotionally invested in ads with a memorable narrative, which is something that holiday ads often have.

Whether it’s an ad about a family opening presents on Christmas morning, or one about last-minute shopping sprees, holiday video ads foster a personal narrative in a way typical content often doesn’t.

4 Examples of the Best Holiday Advertising Campaigns

The best holiday advertising campaigns captivate audiences with catchy tunes, heartwarming messages, and emotional statements. Here are some holiday advertisement examples for inspiration.

1. Microsoft: Let There Be Peace on Earth (2015)

This Microsoft holiday video ad is memorable because it combines a positive tone with seasonal greetings. The people gathering around singing “Let There Be Peace on Earth” is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face and remind them about the joys of the holiday season.

While Microsoft didn’t promote any offers or services, the sentimental value of this ad was more than enough to make it an effective piece of content for the holidays.

2. Apple: Share Your Gifts (2018)

This Apple holiday ad has everything—delightful music, quality animation, and an inspirational story message. Like the Microsoft ad, Apple did a superb job of tapping into our emotional side.

In just under three minutes, viewers get a heart-warming holiday narrative that is sure to leave a lasting impression on Apple users.

3. Microsoft: Reindeer Games (2018)

Here’s another Microsoft holiday ad with an uplifting tone and a powerful message about support and inclusivity. The ad starts with a kid running frantically to tell the neighbor children that something is about to happen, which builds suspense for the viewer. The big reveal at the end of the commercial is a heartwarming one, as we see the children cheering on their friend who uses an Xbox Adaptive Controller to win a game.

This ad promotes a sense of belonging while subtly promoting a product in a way that doesn’t distract from the ad’s bigger message.

4. IGA: Merry Cooking (2018)

Who doesn’t love video ads that exemplify the magic of Christmas and a young child who’s delighted about the holiday season? This IGA holiday ad shows a young boy committed to learning how to cook for Santa. Eventually, we see that joy passed on to his children as we’re reminded about the beauty of Christmas.

The ad is moving and leaves a memorable impression on those who cherish family time during one of the most celebrated times of the year.

Increase Sales with These Holiday Advertising Ideas

Here are six strategies for getting the most out of video ads this holiday season.

1. Create a Compelling Narrative

Consumers care more about the “why” behind video ads than they do about the “how.” Don’t fall into the trap of creating stale ads with unrelatable story plots. Instead, your video ads should present a compelling story about the holiday season that connects with consumers emotionally.

Use simple, feel-good narratives to highlight a larger holiday theme while encouraging customers to consider your services or products.

2. Promote Holiday Offers

People enjoy holiday deals that help them save money on gifts. Tap into the seasonal shopping trend by promoting your latest brand offerings.

Promote the offers on your social media channels to improve reach with consumers.

Some of the offers you can promote with video content include:

  • Gift discounts
  • Loyalty programs
  • Seasonal giveaways
  • Themed sales

3. Use YouTube Shopping Ads

If you want to increase consumer reach and brand recognition, YouTube shopping ads can go a long way in helping you do that. Because they are placed next to your videos, they can boost engagement rates and drive higher traffic to your website, which can increase sales.

Also, by using YouTube Shopping Ads, you can focus on building a strong customer base with the hopes of converting them into loyal, long-term buyers

4. Optimize Your Holiday Video Ads for Mobile Devices

Thanks to the rise of mobile devices, more than 75% of U.S. adults spend two hours a day watching short-form video content. If you’re not optimizing your holiday ads on mobile, then you probably aren’t getting as many conversions as you might with mobile-friendly ads.

To increase ad effectiveness, optimize video ads for low bandwidth connections, establish clear visuals, and communicate your selling point quickly.

5. Give Yourself Enough Time to Create Holiday Video Ads

In 2022, Black Friday ranked as the most popular sales day of the year, with 53% of Americans stating that they intended to purchase a gift that day. Considering the high potential for sales during Black Friday, give yourself enough time to create and modify your campaign before you start running ads.

6. Set Measurable Goals

As with anything in marketing, set quantitative goals for your holiday marketing campaigns. Doing so will help ensure you can accurately measure the effectiveness of video ads, saving both time and money. A common best practice when developing your goals is to determine what went well and didn’t go well in your previous holiday campaigns.

Perhaps sales were stagnant, or engagement rates with your ads were not as high as you wanted them to be. Whatever the case, learn from previous holiday marketing mistakes so you can prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

Remember, advertising during the holiday season can be pricey, so you’ll want to be strategic about where you place your ad dollars.

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