6 Industries that Must Have a YouTube Advertising Strategy

With 1.9 billion monthly users and over 30 million active daily users, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. In 2018, video ad spending will account for 25% of all U.S. digital ad spending, and for good reason. Video ads tend to be incredibly effective, with viewers retaining 95% of a message from video ads, compared to 10% of a message from text ads.

Video ad popularity is trending upwards as it proves to be the present and future of all digital advertising. As the most popular video platform, YouTube is a great place for advertisers to reach their audience and scale their message.

Here at Channel Factory, we have worked with brands across all industries to deliver successful YouTube campaigns by using custom industry-specific targeting segments to boost VR, CTR and brand suitability. We’ve highlighted 6 industries that must have a YouTube advertising strategy.

Arts & Entertainment

Between vlogs, television show highlights, and movie trailers, content in the arts and entertainment category seem to perform exceptionally well. YouTube users tend to head to their favorite channels when they are bored and need to be entertained for an hour or two. The exceptional performance of arts and entertainment content means that related ads will see a boost in VR and get their message to the right audience.

Brands in the arts and entertainment industry have a number of targeting segments to find the right audience that will be engaged and interested in their video ad. Channel Factory campaigns for brands in the arts and entertainment industry saw an average performance of a 43.93% view rate and 0.387% click-through rate.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Have you ever wanted to see a review of a certain product, and you immediately went to YouTube? So has a majority of consumers. Product reviews and unboxing videos dominate YouTube, making it a prime advertising spot for CPG brands.

For example, makeup tutorials and fashion vlogs get millions of views on YouTube. Makeup brands should target ads to these channels, or work with influencers to get their own product reviewed. Your brand can also take advantage of different Google ad types and boost CTR to your product page to increase sales.

If you’re a CPG brand with a landing page for your latest product, then look no further than YouTube. Channel Factory campaigns for CPG brands in 2018 had an average performance of 37.60% view rate and a high 1.044% click-through rate.

Health & Fitness

You no longer need to hire a personal trainer when you can get great workouts from professionals on YouTube. Health and fitness enthusiasts use YouTube as a learning tool to see how they can improve their lifestyle. As a video platform, YouTube has an advantage over other publishers online because people want to see exactly how they should execute routines or prepare their next meal. Workout routines, health vlogs, and healthy cooking tutorials are all content types that health and fitness brands should add to their targeting strategy to increase VR.

Health and fitness brands reach their audience on YouTube with Channel Factory, with an average performance in 2018 of 50.51% view rate and 0.239% click-through rate.

Home & Garden

YouTube is full of content for Home & Garden enthusiasts looking to get inspiration for their next project. People go to YouTube to learn DIY projects on a budget, get home design advice from interior decorating vloggers, and learn how to build and maintain their own garden. In fact, how-to video consumption has grown 70% year-over-year. If your brand sells Home & Garden products or services, then YouTube is a great place to boost VR and CTR by reaching an engaged audience that is genuinely interested in learning about new ways to improve their home.

At Channel Factory, we’ve seen our Home & Garden brands successfully reach their audience in 2018 with an average 42.40% view rate and 0.253% click-through rate.

Quick Service Restaurant (QSR)

Brand awareness and recall are valuable for quick service restaurants. Luckily, video advertising on YouTube can lift both metrics. Bumper ads are perfect for boosting awareness, recall and view rate by showing audiences impactful six-second non-skippable ads that reinforce brand messaging.

Google Ads lets QSR brands target consumers by geographic locations on YouTube, meaning that quick service restaurants can run ads promoting specific locations close to where their audience is watching YouTube. This strategy is optimal for brands that have numerous locations around the world, or brands that run unique promotions for specific locations.

Through our campaign data, we’ve created custom targeting segments to target channels and videos that resonate with QSR consumers. Quick service restaurants saw campaign success with Channel Factory in 2018, with an average view rate performance of 42.96% and click-through rate of 0.343%.

Technology & Computing

Technology and computing videos make up a large portion of YouTube content. Consumers will seek out tech reviews to see how a product actually works before making a substantial purchase. Unboxing videos and product reviews always perform well on YouTube. Unbox Therapy, one of the more well-known unboxing channels, has over 13 million subscribers. Brands can take advantage of the sheer popularity of unboxing content and product reviews by targeting ads or working with creators on an influencer marketing campaign.

Consumers also turn to YouTube for educational content that teaches how to use software and new products. More and more people are turning to the video giant to watch tutorials if they want to learn a specific skill. Educational videos like tutorials should also be a part of your targeting strategy, especially if you want to boost CTR to a product page.

Channel Factory campaigns in the technology and computing industry have been successful in 2018, especially for companies with links to a landing page. Technology and computing companies had an average view rate of 39.65%, and an average click-through rate of 0.447%.