YouTube Performance Efficiency

If we learned anything from YouTube marketers in 2020 it’s that they want managed outcomes and performance efficiency. More than 50% of brands bringing their programmatic buying in-house and agencies face common pressures. Streamline operations, drive performance efficiency, and offer performance-driven outcomes. Channel Factory has been helping brands and agencies achieve all of this for years.

Operational Ease

It takes a lot of data to ensure campaigns are optimized against all your KPIs. Over 500 hours of new content is uploaded every minute to YouTube. The only way to track all that data is within a continually updated YouTube DMP. That’s a hefty cost and personnel overhead for most advertisers. It’s easier to keep your team slim and bring in the experts. 

At Channel Factory our proprietary ViewIQ technology scans over 18 million videos every day against all historical performance data from a decade of campaigns. ViewIQ is an entire team in itself. Its machine-learning algorithms are constantly being trained by expert, hands-on media buyers, account managers and strategists to optimize campaigns toward optimal YouTube performance efficiency. 

YouTube Performance Efficiency

There are a lot of variables to consider on the open auction. In our experience failure to arbitrage expertise and data cost advertisers between 20% and 100% in additional spend. For example, while it’s common knowledge that prices go down at the end of buying cycles (months, quarters, years), certain tentpole buying seasons buck those trends. Think Back to School, the Super Bowl, summer movie releases and, in 2020, the U.S. election. In 2020 we managed to deliver incredible value for our Q4 advertisers despite significant holiday season traffic on YouTube. 

Dynamic pacing is key to YouTube performance efficiency.  Most advertisers serve their ads evenly across the entire campaign, which means ignoring critical price signals and paying dearly.  Utilizing algorithms and hands on keyboards, at Channel Factory we use dynamic delivery to ensure ads are serving only in the most favorable pricing conditions. The result is specifically designed to both increase engagement and pricing efficiency. And it also means exceeding delivery expectations.

At Channel Factory, 10 years of campaign experience across industry sectors and countries has helped us identify the optimal buying conditions for the open auction. Whenever we build campaigns, we’re using a combination of these insights as well as hard performance data to select content suited to your KPIs.  That means, before your campaign has even begun, we’ve already cherry-picked the top performing YouTube content based on historical knowledge. 

Performance Outcomes

There are hundreds of possible combinations of YouTube ad products, tactics and add-ons all designed to achieve specific outcomes. Whether its brand awareness, consideration, action, or all three, the portfolio of ad formats and extensions is always growing. It helps to work with a partner who knows which combinations drive the specific outcome you’re looking for.

For example, within the auto-sector you can drive cheaper but fewer conversions using Google’s custom-intent audiences, or more expensive but a higher volume of conversions with customized contextual alignments. Combinations of TrueView for Action with store location extensions can work well 

Pricing Efficiency with Managed Outcomes

With Channel Factory, brands and agencies benefit from operational ease, YouTube performance efficiency, and performance-driven outcomes as well as round-the-clock, white-glove customer service.