Video Marketing Stats and Trends in 2023

Video marketing is transforming how businesses distribute content and establish relationships with target audiences. The future of video content presents abundant opportunities, from in-house content production to user-generated videos. 

As companies work to modify their video marketing strategies, videos will become a necessary medium. This guide will cover crucial video marketing stats and trends to be aware of heading into 2023.

7 Video Marketing Trends Appearing in 2023

The demand for engaging content is only going to increase. Content trends show that 53% of consumers want to see more video content in the future. Brands that want to reach their customers must focus on producing and distributing video content. 

With this in mind, here are 7 video marketing trends that will transform how businesses accelerate their content marketing objectives in 2023.

1. Increased Video Production Budgets

Given its popularity as a reliable medium for audience engagement, it’s no surprise that video production budgets will likely increase. In a survey conducted in 2021, 60% of content marketers planned to increase their video budgets in 2022. Furthermore, 52% of marketers expanded their budget because of video content. This trend is likely to continue.

2. More Social Media Distribution

Social media is becoming the primary driver of audience engagement and brand cultivation. Going into 2023, companies will leverage the power of multiple platforms for content distribution. 

Facebook continues to hold superiority over its competitors, with 2.93 billion active users. The second most popular platform, YouTube, has 2.52 billion users. Data from 2021 showed that the number of TikTok users grew by 18.3% that year. 

The social network is dynamic. Predictions are that by 2023, the number of social network users over 65 will be greater than those in the 18 to 24 group. Marketers will have to deliver content suitable for these multiple platforms.

3. Emphasis on Short-Form Video Content

Short-form videos present an incredible opportunity to distribute relevant, reliable, and engaging content without overwhelming viewers. People have short attention spans, so it should be no surprise that viewers want instructional content to be between three and six minutes long.

Here’s another intriguing online video marketing statistic: Short videos (one minute or shorter) produce the highest ROI (return on investment) as of June 2022. When it comes to content, sometimes less is more.

4. Taking Advantage of User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) helps companies establish authenticity and improve trust with target customers. Consumers are more likely to trust a brand or a company when peers speak highly of them. According to a report, approximately 93% of respondents trust recommendations from friends and family.

Across all ages, 55% of consumers trust user-generated content over other forms of marketing. As video marketing trends evolve, UGC will become a vital tool for companies hoping to establish authenticity and increase brand loyalty. 

5. Doing More In-House Video Production

Think of in-house video production as a do-it-yourself tactic. You purchase equipment and assign people to become a part of the production team to create your videos. Here are some key benefits: Your employees are the ones that truly understand your company’s brand and can convey a specific message to an audience.

Your in-house team gains valuable insights into the company’s operations, including areas where they can add more value. 

6. Increased Live Videos

Live video streaming is exactly what it sounds like—presenting something to your audience in real time. Video streaming is a powerful tool for marketers looking to interact with their audiences and provide an authentic brand experience. 

Data shows that 80% of a brand audience would rather watch a live video than read a blog. Another 63% say that live streaming brings a human touch to digital marketing. These numbers exemplify how real-time content connects with existing target audiences and builds brand engagement.

7. Using Search-Optimized Videos

Search engine optimization (SEO) tactics exist to help marketers improve online search visibility and increase website traffic.

Optimizing videos will become a crucial marketing strategy in 2023— users spend 88% more time on a page with video content. Some key strategies involve developing clear content goals, answering users’ questions, creating relevant material, and optimizing your videos with high-ranking keywords.

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