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How to Use YouTube Search Trends to Create Engaging Content

Have you developed your video marketing strategy and determined YouTube is the place to be? If you want to leverage your success, you should be on the lookout for YouTube search trends.

YouTube search trends are the easiest way to determine what topics are popular on the platform at any given moment. But this isn’t just a metric for measuring the success of other video content creators—YouTube trends also help you determine what kind of videos you can create to grow your audience and reach a wider appeal.

In this article, we’ll go over how you can find YouTube trends to follow, how you can leverage them to create your content, and how those trends affect the YouTube advertising space.

How Do You Find YouTube Search Trends?

There are several resources you should consider checking out to discover the latest search trends. Here is how to find the YouTube search trends that can shape your future content strategy.

  • YouTube: Unsurprisingly, YouTube is a great place to look for the latest YouTube trends. The platform conveniently has a “Trending” category under its Explore page, which gives you a direct pulse on what videos are currently trending. This list is updated every 15 minutes, showing which videos rise and fall from the top spots.
  • Social media: For some political and cultural topics, video trends reach far beyond YouTube. Checking popular media platforms can give you a glimpse into current topic trends.
  • SEO Platforms: Most SEO Platforms’ primary purpose is to look for and measure how people search on the internet using keywords and phrases. Still, keywords are not only relevant for search engines, but any widely used website uses SEO basics. Semrush allows you to search for specific topics, and they’ll deliver the latest YouTube keyword search trends. This gives you the exact verbiage people use to look for trending topics.

How Do You Leverage Trends for Your Video Content?

Using YouTube search trends as a springboard toward success is not as simple as chasing those trends. Target the wrong trend, and you may sink hours into a topic that doesn’t give you any traction with viewers. 

We don’t want you to have any wasted effort in growing your YouTube audience. That’s why we’ve gathered the four best tips you can use to properly leverage trends in your favor.

1. Start With Goals

Before creating content, think of your long-term goal for content creation. Are you doing it to grow an audience? To become an expert in a niche category? 

Whatever your goals may be, don’t let a trend dissuade you from them. This will help ensure you follow trends that are relevant to your usual content. However, it can inspire how you create your content around the trending topic.

2. Capitalize on Google Keyword Trends

If something is a trending topic on Google and other search engines, chances are people will be looking for video content as well. This is particularly true for question-based searches. 

For example, say you specialize in automotive content. If you find a trending topic about how often you should flush your brake fluid, consider creating content that addresses that question and teaches people how to flush their brake fluid.

3. Optimize/Reutilize Previous Content

Maybe you’ve already created a video that covers the trending topics. If this is the case, don’t start from scratch—video creation is time-consuming and costly. Instead, you can repost your old content or splice it with updated information to make it more timely.

4. Take Advantage of Seasonal Trends

Just because a trend isn’t evergreen does not mean you should ignore it entirely. Take the search term “how to make a Christmas wreath.” Sure, it is likely only ever searched during the holiday season, but it will get searched every holiday season.

Creating seasonal content ahead of time is a great strategy that will help prepare you for the future, ensuring your content will be in front of the right audience at the right time.

Of course, don’t follow a trend just because it’s seasonal. Ensure the content always aligns with your goals and regular content, so it’s not a jarring departure from what you usually produce.

Can Search Trends Improve Your Video Advertising?

Examining trends can help you craft your YouTube advertising strategy. Many users are searching the web for a product you offer. They go onto YouTube and are greeted by an ad for your product. Because of relevancy, that user is more likely to click on your ad.

If a product or service you offer is part of a popular trend, advertise it as soon as possible.

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