Save The Media Plan,
Save The Planet

Let’s End Ad Waste, Preserve Media Budgets,
And Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

When consumers think about sustainability, they think about the things they buy, not the ads that sell them. However, the digital advertising industry contributes significantly to global emissions, and most of it can be attributed to media buying and delivery.

The good news? No one is better placed to make a difference than we are. Smarter media plans are better stewards of the environment—and advertiser budgets. Here’s why.

Fast Fashion. Plastic Bags. Cheap CPMs.

What do these have in common? A lot of them wind up in the bin. Broadly targeted digital campaigns deliver cheap reach, but 20-30% of those impressions have little to no value due to audience, language, geographic, or regulatory misalignment. So those “cheap” CPMs conceal misspent advertising budgets and needless carbon output.

Smart Media Plans Cut Waste And Lower Carbon Output

There are many ways to reduce our digital campaign footprint. Smarter campaigns increase efficiency by improving contextual relevance, including vetted channels, and ensuring brand suitability.

5 Other ways to improve
your digital ad sustainability

Filter out ad fraud and MFA sites

Switch to more efficient cloud servers

Serve ads via wifi networks

Prioritize media partners with optimized emissions

Decrease open web ads in favor of social media ads

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