Positive Vibes, Powerful Engagement

Promote ‘positivity’ content to boost campaign results and improve our digital environment

The internet is a powerful driver of mental health. Research shows that what we read and watch online has a direct impact on our mood, outlook, and self-image. By taking a mindful approach to digital media buying, advertisers can champion the kind of content that affirms us and enjoy the benefits of a feel-good brand halo.

Advertisers can make ‘online’ a better place to be

The internet has a well-earned reputation for negativity. Unfortunately, digital ad campaigns that blindly prioritize reach sometimes promote incendiary, untrue, and divisive content. Instead, advertisers can contribute to a healthier online environment by aligning with ‘positivity’ content that uplifts users and delivers engagement.

What is ‘positivity’ content?

It’s content that calms us, connects us, and opens up possibilities. Guided meditation, affirmations, fitness, nature, travel, and education are anti-inflammatories that improve our ability to feel, think, and act in ways that enhance our lives and help us deal with daily challenges.

Calming, cultural content during COVID-19 helped people feel happier and connected

Arts content is just one kind of ‘positivity’ content. Research shows that people enjoyed mental health benefits when they viewed online content from cultural institutions like museums, orchestras, and dance companies.


said improved their mood


said it improved productivity


said it reduced stress

*Source: Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK, Cambridge Press, 2021

Channel Factory research shows that ads aligned with positivity content get better results than standard buys


Increase in View Rate for 30-second ads within positivity content

How To Promote Positivity Content Guide

Higher view rates for True View for Reach

How To Promote Positivity Content Guide

Lower CPM Higher view rates for True View for Reach

Learn how you can align your ads with positivity content

Using our curated list of channels and videos, brands can invest in positivity content and help make digital environments better for consumers.