7 Reasons Why TV Media Buyers Need To Be On YouTube

7 Reasons Why TV Media Buyers Need To Be On YouTube

More and more TV watchers are migrating their viewing habits to YouTube where they can watch premium broadcast content reposts from TV networks, as well as catch creator-made TV-show and sports related content. Capture the incremental reach bump by integrating your TV ad budgets with YouTube campaigns.

1. Evolving Viewing Priorities 

  • YouTube content addresses viewers with evolving video consumption priorities
  • YouTube is the #1 video platform in the U.S. with over 2 billion active monthly users
  • Passion about a YouTube creator/topic is 3x more important to consumers than a Hollywood name attached to viewed content
  • YouTube reaches more A18-49 U.S. consumers in an average week than all cable TV networks combined
  • 17.7% of A18-34 use YouTube to view video content on TV vs. 9.8% on basic cable, and 6.0% on broadcast networks

2. Cord-Cutting Revolution

  • Consumers are cutting their cable cords and consuming digital video on TV screens
  • Linear TV viewing by US adults has declined 22% since 2012
  • 21.9 million households will be cord-cutters in 2019, with an approximate 2% year-over-year increase in cord-cutters
  • Watch time of YouTube on TV screens was more than 250 million hours per day, an increase of 39% in less than a year
  • 18.3% of U.S. YouTube video views come from connected TV devices – more than tablets and desktops
  • YouTube ads shown on TV screens show a 47% lift in ad recall and 35% lift in purchase intent over other devices

3. Broadcast Content

  • Major media companies redistribute TV content on YouTube
  • 19% of YouTube’s top 100 channel entities are broadcasters
  • YouTube channels for the five main U.S. late night shows garner a total 659.6 million monthly views
  • YouTube won the exclusive rights to stream 13 Major League Baseball (MLB) games this season

4. Broadcast vs YouTube Reach

Combined reach of TV shows is outstripped by YouTube’s like-for-like genres

5. Broadcast Sports on YouTube

Sports content reposts and creator-made content offer massive incremental reach

6. Linear TV YouTube Extensions

  • Consumers are cutting their cable cords and consuming digital video on TV screens
  • YouTube reaches 91% of light TV viewers on connected TV
  • Incremental reach opportunities against broadcast TV content reposted on YouTube
  • Incremental reach opportunities against YouTube creator-made, TV show-related content (episode recaps & reviews, show extras, behind-the-scenes/off-screen commentary)
  • 55% of TV viewers leave the room during commercials vs. 2% of YouTube CTV viewers
  • Brand awareness and ad recall are higher when an ad is viewed once on YouTube and once on TV vs. twice only on TV

7. Unique Audience Reach

  • Non-ad-supported premium show audiences are even available to YouTube advertisers
  • YouTube channels dedicated to show commentary, predictions, and reviews garner millions of views, reaching audiences consuming more show content
  • Fan-created content revolving around popular shows on non-ad-supported platforms (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.) offer reach to audiences that are off-limits for advertisers