Employee Spotlight: Sara Luckow

As experts in the YouTube advertising space, it’s easy to talk about what we do, but we want to share more about who we are.  So, we ask you to pay extra attention to the people behind our many curtains.  First up, our Director of Strategy, Sara Luckow!

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Sara Luckow


Director, Strategy


Los Angeles


How did you come to work at Channel Factory, or in advertising at all for that matter?

I majored in Strategic Communication at University of Missouri and had internships in St. Louis, Chicago and Los Angeles. Post-college I got my first job managing search campaigns at a sales org in St. Louis which had a lot of small B2B clients. However, I kept checking the University of Missouri job board, and saw a post about an assistant media planner job back in LA. I talked with the poster, and since I had already spent a semester in LA she knew I’d be a great fit to move back out to the West Coast. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and I’ve been working in the digital media industry here in LA for the last 8 years. I love paying it forward and helping recent college grads get into the industry and excited about its growth potential as a career.


What’s your favorite part about working at Channel Factory?

Getting to see my team grow in their knowledge and being able to work on amazing brands across the globe. Since I spent 6 years on entertainment campaigns on the agency side, it’s a wonderful learning experience to see how other verticals tackle their brand and media challenges in the video space. I also love seeing past interns and assistants I’ve hired and mentored work in leadership positions at great companies.


What’s a common misconception about the video advertising space?

That video isn’t the best avenue for all verticals (e.g. B2B) – we have seen AMAZING results for B2B campaigns and every vertical under the sun. Audiences are still watching YouTube videos at work to look up how to solve immediate business-related problems from thought leaders.


What recent YouTube development are you most excited about right now?

TrueView for Reach! When it comes out of beta, I’ll be so excited to consistently be able to pitch TrueView on a CPM basis!


Are you seeing any interesting trends in the space?

More and more people are cutting the cord each day and advertisers are moving dollars to digital video. We’ll be able to get amazing insights and niche targeting and attribution incredibly soon in the future. Also, Channel Factory has been developing targeting strategies to reach linear tv audiences when they’re watching related network/show content on YouTube.


What’s the next big thing?

Hopefully having OTT / Smart TV Targeting be standardized!


What’s your ideal superpower and how would you use it?

Flying 100% – I’d use it to skip LA traffic. And I’d be able to take many more vacations since I could physically fly vs. take a plane.