IQ, our technology and data platform, proactively accumulates and analyzes ​millions of social data points across Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and other major social platforms.


Social Search Tool

‘IQ Research’ is a tool that helps marketers create customized contextual video portfolios from millions of pieces of content across YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms. The system is self-driven and employs cutting edge machine learning to recognize the most relevant videos matching a variety of KPIs across industry verticals. Our channel and video level tools provide the most sophisticated set of filters to marketers for YouTube today.

Big Data

Vast Data Warehouse

IQ combs through millions of videos which each have hundreds of data points to compile a mass of billions of data points that it can reference. The sheer size of the data set would take a team of hundreds of analysts years to compile; IQ yields meaningful insights from these sets in seconds.

Trending Technology

Channel Factory’s platform recognizes videos that will go viral and connects brand messages with the most popular trending videos on YouTube to capitalize on the next big thing before it goes big.

Customized Audience Segments

Customized audience segments applied to campaigns deliver significantly better performance when compared to contextually targeted programs.


Automation of Media Buying

Our technology and 24/7 global optimization team maximizes every dollar spent for cost savings and results.

Predictive Logic

IQ provides recommendations by crunching the numbers on thousands of performance metrics across billions of impressions and millions of consumer engagement points.

Machine Learning

Creates better efficiency and time savings for marketers by translating billions of raw performance data points into automated optimization recommendations for each campaign on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms.


Deep Analytics

IQ Monitor provides a robust personalized interface for each of our clients. The environment is custom tailored to the needs of our clients and is meant to be the base of operations. Channel Factory’s Analytics Dashboard includes:

Robust Analytics

Comprehensive and customizable reporting that allows hundreds of different views on campaign data with graphical representation of complex data set in one click for client presentations. Customizable environments that can be created on demand by Channel Factory’s team.

Complete Transparency

Understand where the ad performs best and utilize the context of the content to optimize creative in the future with real-time performance updates.

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